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LSA wants to assist all of the youth soccer coaches across the state to improve their craft. We want every child’s soccer experience to be fun, exciting, challenging and productive.  We are presenting pages here in our website that draw upon two tremendous youth soccer resources to bring you links to Lesson Plans developed and organized by the particular age group of the players you are coaching. As you will see, your approach to your players is defined by their age and their corresponding cognitive abilities. For example, a 6-year who takes a shot directly at a goalkeeper has actually succeeded. A 6-year old child does not see or recognize spaces, they only see and recognize targets. So if a 6-year old shoots directly at a goalkeeper, they have actually succeeded in hitting their target. A coach who understands the age and abilities of his players will celebrate the shot.

The  US Youth Soccer Player Development Model was published in an effort to help youth soccer coaches and clubs across the country become aware of the capabilities and aspirations of their players at each stage of their cognitive development. Only then can coaches create more positive, player-centered learning environments.


The following pages will present you with links to the US Youth Soccer Guides to Youth Soccer Practice Activities for the various youth soccer age groups. We are also presenting links, with the kind permission of Massachusetts Youth Soccer, to seasons of Lesson Plans for the youth soccer coach. These are valuable resources packed with activities for every coach.




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