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Coaching in Louisiana

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“Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference.”       John Wooden
LSA is committed to providing as many educational opportunities and resources to youth coaches across the state to help improve the soccer environment for all of our kids. Coaching young players and helping them learn the life lessons best taught through participation in sports, teamwork, integrity, commitment, sportsmanship and trust, is both a privilege and an awesome responsibility. LSA is dedicated to helping all of our coaches be the best coach , mentor and role model they can be. Our kids deserve nothing less. 
Coaching Education
LSA Director of Coaching, Mark Godwin, is responsible for coordinating coaching education in Louisiana. The Coaching Education pages that follow, describe all of the coaching courses available and how your club can host a course.
Coaching Sessions 
LSA has also linked a number of training sessions and valuable information about coaching kids according to their age and cognitive development. There are dozens of sessions shared by our friends at US Youth Soccer and Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
Coaching Resources
LSA has compiled and routinely updates various videos, articles and teaching tools. These resources will help educate our coaches on sports injures, warm ups and drills, and coaching youth sports players. We are also working on a Recreational Coaches Manual which will soon be available here.