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Referee Registration

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2015 Louisiana Referee Registration Instructions
Steps for completion of 2015 recertification process:

For referees that were registered anytime in 2011-2014, these are the steps to register for 2015 (All steps need to be completed before registration can be approved. Only referees that complete all three steps can work games starting Jan 1, 2015):

1. ALL REFEREES (as well as assignors, assessors, and instructors), regardless of grade, must have a current Background Check report (adults) or Age Verification report (minors) on file at the GotSoccer website. Reports submitted prior to June 2014 are no longer valid and must be resubmitted. To verify your status or submit a report, you can login as a referee to the GotSoccer website. Do not create your own GotSoccer account.  If unsure as to the correct username and password to use, please contact Jose Cordova (LouisianaSRA@gmail.com).

2. Register and pay fees at the new US SOCCER Federation Referee Program Website. Since this is the first year we are using the new system, you will need to "Sign Up" using your 16-digit US Soccer ID and a unique email address to create an account.  If needed, download and follow the instructions provided by US Soccer.

3. Take the online test corresponding to your current grade by using the links below.  You will need your 16-digit US Soccer ID.

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