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LSA Referee Expense Payment Form

The LSA Referee Expense form has been updated and streamlined a bit to assist in getting payments out to referees as soon as practical. We have also given referees the ability to fill out the form as a .pdf file and to submit it electronically. You simply have to fill it, sign it electronically, copy it to your files and attach it along with scanned copies of your receipts to an email submitting your expenses to the office. Because your supporting receipts must be submitted at the same time as your expense form, if you do not have scanning capabilities, you can simply print the Expense form, fill it out and mail it or fax it to the LSA office.
There are a few instructions we ask you to review before filling out your Expense form and a few policies you will need to follow.
  • The LSA office cannot accept photos or .jpeg files of your receipts. Most often these are illegible. You must send the original receipts, scanned receipts or legible copies of them.
  • Mileage is from your home to the site of the event and back. Mileage does not include miles driven once you are at the city or town of the event.
  • If you need to rent a vehicle, the rental must be approved by the LSA beforehand. You will also be reimbursed for fuel purchased, not mileage, so you would need to submit all receipts
  • Copies of credit card statements with expenses highlighted do not constitute receipts.
  • Expenses claimed, but unsupported or improperly supported will not be reimbursed.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed. Receipts for meals should be separated from alcoholic beverages so the receipt used for reimbursement is true and accurate.
Expense forms will be submitted directly to Valerie Clouatre at
Louisiana Soccer Association
475 Gardere Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Tel. (225) 766-0577 Ext 101
Fax (225)766-0623
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