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Louisiana Referee Program

The Louisiana Referee Development Program offers an opportunity for every referee, instructor, assessor and assignor candidate to receive instruction and training as well as the opportunity for growth and development.

Referees from Louisiana have opportunities to participate at major regional and national tournaments (Region III USYSA Championships, Region III President's Cup, Region III Amateur Tournament) and training programs (LA Referee Academy, State ODP and Region III ODP).

Along with a strong presence at local tournaments throughout the state, both recreational and competitive, there are opportunities for the early identification of referees with potential to advance in grade and competence. The Referee program will continue to expand support of local associations in an effort to improve the skills and knowledge base of players, coaches, referees, instructors, assessors and assignors.

See the First Edition of the Louisiana Referee Newsletter  Thanks to Will Burley and Justin DiCharia!!

Become familiar with the Administrative Changes for 2015

2015 Physical Fitness/Written Test Dates- Click Here

Concussion Management

All Louisiana referees are required to become familiar with the symptoms, risk factors, and proper management of athletes who sustain concussions.

Consult the information on recognition and management of injuries involving concussions provided by the US Centers for Disease Control. Follow the link to the CDC website.





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