Michael Silver, Chairman
State Referee Committee (SRC)
State Games Assignor (SGA)
Jose Cordova
State Referee Administrator (SRA)
Jennifer Politz
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA)
David Busekist
State Director of Assessment (SDA)
Tim Chiasson
State Director of Instruction (SDI)
Courtenay Dean
State Director of Assignors (SDA)
LCSL Assignor Coordinator
Wayne Robinson
Assistant State Director of Instruction
Darrin Browder
Coordinator of Referee Development (CRD)

Soccer Referees in Louisiana

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Soccer Referees across the country are governed and administered by US Soccer through state referee associations. Those state referee associations are a branch of the state associations. Here in Louisiana, the State Referee Committee ("SRC") is one of several LSA Committees and shall oversee the administration of US Soccer's Referee Program including the training, development, instruction, assignment, and assessment of referees. The SRC shall develop the appropriate procedures and policies for oversight of referees, instructors, assessors, and assignors to insure they perform their respective functions. 
Those serving on the State Referee Committee are appointed by the LSA Executive Committee and include the following:
  • Chairperson
  • State Referee Administrator
  • State Youth Referee Administrator
  • State Director of Instruction
  • State Director of Assessment
  • State Director of Assignment and
  • The LSA President or a representative from LSA
Our collective goal is to provide ongoing referee recruitment, development and education so that the game of soccer can continue to grow across Louisiana. 

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