Referee Assignors

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The State Referee Committee is responsible for developing an assignor network that meets the needs of the game in Louisiana. The US Soccer certification requirements for new and returning assignors include the completion of a 50-question test.  In order to be certified or recertified Assignors must:
List of Current Referee Assignors in Louisiana
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Interested in becoming an Assignor? 

As a USSF and LSA requirement, all clubs must have a USSF Registered Assignor to assign all matches.  While being a referee is a benefit for attendance, this course is open to all individuals.  No prior playing, coaching, or officiating experience is required to register as an assignor.  This course will be a hybrid course with an online portion and an in-person session.  The in-person session will be held on Sunday, August 11, 2019 time and location based on those registered.  Cost of the clinic is $30 plus the USSF registration fee of $15.  Pre-registration is required and the online components should be completed prior to attending the course.  To register please email Michael Silver with the State Referee Commitee at