A special thanks to Our Lady of the Lake Foundation. Their generosity as LSA's TOPSoccer sponsor has enabled us to provide more TOPSoccer programs across the state and to make certain soccer remains
The Game for ALL Kids!!!

TOPSoccer Events

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TOPSoccer events across the state are important to all of us, not just the players and their families. These events are an opportunity to learn why so many people and clubs across the country get involved in TOPSoccer. This page is intended to share these events and to invite those who would start a TOPSoccer program in your club or community to come watch the miracle of TOPSoccer unfold.
BRSCBaton Rouge Soccer Club
TOPSoccer Jamboree
Saturday, March 10th 
10:00 - 11:00 AM
Field 6 at Burbank Soccer Complex, Baton Rouge
The Game for All Kids!!!
For More information, Contact Kiran Booluck at kbooluck@BRSoccer.org