Technical Department Programs

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The foundation of excellence in any endeavor is mastery of technique. Whether it is playing the piano, swinging a YP 9golf club or taking photographs, one must first become proficient in technique before they achieve excellence. Youth soccer in Louisiana has drifted away from this simple truth and the level of play across the state has suffered. In an effort to enhance the level of play, LSA has and will continue to develop Technical Department Programs for our member clubs. The focus of these programs is
  • To teach players proper soccer technique, to stress the importance of developing ball skills and to encourage them to work on their technique at home.
  • To teach coaches what proper technique looks like, to stress player performance over outcomes of games and to provide coaches with resources and tools that will help develop our youngest players.
  • To convey to parents that their kids play to have fun. Parents must learn the importance of rewarding a child for their performance rather than measuring success by wins and losses.
Each of these Technical Department Programs can be tailored to a Clubs needs and logistics. Fees will be adjusted accordingly and are designed to simply cover costs. LSA’s compensation in presenting these programs is the development of your players and the growth of the game in Louisiana.