Team Scheduling Process

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In August 2019, LSA scheduled 1,453 LCSL games in 46 divisions for 303 teams. Of those games, 981 were re-scheduled by teams before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That equates to 70% of the games. Of those 981 games rescheduled, 68% were rescheduled due to coaching conflicts or the desire to participate in a tournament. That means that LCSL teams rescheduled 667 (46%) of the 1,453 games originally scheduled by LSA for reasons of which they were aware while the schedule was being hammered out. This process is neither efficient nor effective. It leads to a colossal waste of time, delays and unnecessary conflict between teams. To be both efficient and effective, teams must be the driving force behind the schedule, not LSA or even our clubs.

The Executive Committee voted to accept an Amendment to Policy that would impliment the LCSL Team Scheduling Process. THe process, therefore, is in effecet for the upcoming 2020-2021 seasonal year.