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What is the Louisiana ODP / SST?

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Welcome to

The Louisiana Soccer Associations

Olympic Development Program

State Select Teams

Watch the video below to find out what the program is all about!!!



Our State Select Teams Program is designed to identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis for the purposes of developing their skills and abilities; and creating sustained success for the U.S. National Teams in the International arena.


"ODP in the state of Louisiana was a valuable part of my development as a player. The opportunity to go and play against the best players in the Region really opened my eyes to the level of play that was going on in different parts of the country. Challenging yourself against different players with different playing styles and very high skill levels is a huge part of developing as a player. In Louisiana the best players are usually big fish in a small pond and getting the opportunity to compete against the best players across the South is a must if players from our state want to reach the highest levels in ODP, college or have a shot at playing pro." Jason Garey, 1984 Louisiana Boys ODP State Select Team, Region III ODP Player, University of Maryland and MLS Professional and the first of 3 Hermann Trophy Winners from Louisiana ODP

"ODP was a great experience for me as a developing soccer player. The competition and training I was able to partake in was unmatched by high school or club soccer and greatly contributed to my soccer growth. ODP allowed me to play with and against some of the best players in the country, increasing my skill and knowledge of the game. My exposure through ODP opened up a wide variety of opportunities for me at the next level." Delaney Sheehan, 1995 Louisiana Girls ODP State Select Team, Region III ODP and National ODP Player, currently playing for Furman University

"ODP was the BEST experience for me.  By the time I was a sophomore in high school I knew I wanted to play soccer in college.  ODP provided me the opportunity to train and to be coached by many different college coaches.  These coaches were very honest with their assessment of me and were very direct on what I could do to improve my game to take it to the next level.  They gave me specific drills and tips.  ODP also gave me the opportunity to train and compete with the best soccer players from other states. ODP takes a local soccer player and provides regional and national exposure." Elizabeth Manuel, 1994 Louisiana Girls ODP State Select Team, Region III ODP Player, currently playing for University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"I feel like playing with ODP gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand the high level of play I would have to adapt to in order to play at the next level. Along with the playing experience ODP also helped me a lot when it came time to begin contacting college coaches. It gave me a lot of insight on how to go about contacting coaches, and the type of information I should include in my emails to these coaches. The program also helped me build up my character and confidence, and taught me to be aware of my actions on and off the field." Madison Doll, 1995 Louisiana Girls ODP State Select Team, currently playing for Louisiana Tech

"As an ODP player I experienced the challenge of facing many high level players. Looking at a future at college soccer, ODP gave me an idea of what the next level would be like." Charity Simmons, 1995 Louisiana Girls ODP State Select Team, Region III ODP Player, currently playing for Louisiana Tech

"The national exposure I received while participating in the ODP Program was hands down one of the most important aspects of being offered college scholarships.  By participating in ODP I was surrounded and coached by top level college coaches from around the country who were not only imparting their knowledge on me as a player, but also evaluating me to see if I would be a good match for their program.  No matter what size of a tournament you may attend with your club team, it will pale in comparison to playing with and against the top players in your region for an audience of college coaches.  You simply can't replicate the exposure or experience.  ODP opened my eyes to the level of talent around Region III and the rest of the country.  It fueled my fire to continue to train harder and harder in order to play among the nation’s elite.  I'm sincerely grateful for the experience and for the program that allowed a girl from a small town in Louisiana to travel the world and play soccer." Melissa Garey Harrington, 1986 Louisiana Girls ODP State Select Team, Region III ODP and National ODP & Team Player, Texas A & M University

"As parents of two children that have participated in Louisiana ODP we saw the growth of our children as they were able to play with the better players in their age group from around the state of Louisiana. Training sessions were faster paced and the speed of decision making had to be quicker. Also, it was very obvious that the technical skills of other players in the ODP setting was often at a much higher level than that of our children’s club team players. This would make sense as the ODP teams would be looking at forming a pool of the best players from each team in that age group. Thus the competition level is much higher in the ODP environment." Kathleen and Rick Garey, Parents of Jason and Melissa

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