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ODP / SST Teams

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2013-2014 State Select Teams


Below are the links to each age group teams for the 2013-2014 Louisiana State Select Team Program.

97 Boys 97 Girls
98 Boys 98 Girls
99 Boys 99 Girls
00 Boys 00 Girls
01 Boys 01 Girls
02 Boys 02 Girls


The 1999 and 2001 Boys as well as the 2001 Girls Final ODP Team Selections will be posted after their next scheduled Training Session on Sunday May 18 from 11am-2pm at Moore Park in Lafayette on Fields 11-17. 


We are still trying to add the links to the above table but are also having to make changes due to injuries from this past weekend that has players unable to attend the ODP Region III Camp. We hope to have the rosters finalized ASAP.


If you have any questions about the Team Selections please contact the Age Group Coaches. You can find their email address by clicking HERE.


All players that made the Team will be sent an email with more information. The registration portal for the ODP College Combine Camp at ULM and the Region III ODP Camp in Alabama will be included in the email.


Players listed as Alternates will be emailed the link to the ODP College Combine Camp at ULM ONLY. They may be called up by the age group Coaching Staff to attend the Region III ODP Camp in Alabama if Team Selections are injured or if there are any conflicts with the camp so BE PREPARED!!


With the 2002 Boys and Girls Age Group all of the Pool Players are invited to attend the ODP Sub-Regional Academy Camp at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, AR.  


If you have any questions or comments about the State Select Team program please email us at odp@lsa-soccer.org. Do not forget to include your child’s name, birth year and gender whenever you contact the office or send anything that is SST/ODP Related.

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