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ODP Parent Information

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L O U I S I A N A    S O C C E R    A S S O C I A T I O N



Louisiana ODP 2014/15 – for Players Birth Year 1998 – 2003




Players and Parents:

Welcome to the Louisiana Soccer Association State Select Teams/Olympic Development Program tryouts! We thank you for the time and commitment you have made to be a part of this elite program. This information packet describes the purposes of the State Select Teams/Olympic Development Program and its focus upon the growth and development of soccer players within Louisiana. Also included are a listing of State Select Team/Olympic Development Program Events and a fee schedule. The event and fee information is preliminary and subject to change.

The LSA State Select Teams Program is designed to give the elite player the best possible exposure at Sub-Regional ODP events and major College Showcase Tournaments while complimenting a player’s club commitment, not an easy task!! US Youth Soccer ODP is not only the first and original Olympic Development Program, but also the only elite player development program that can claim members of Major League Soccer and Women’s Professional Soccer, as well as a majority of current and past US National and US Youth National team members, as alumni.

The Olympic Development Program demands a commitment to excellence as the program offers the experience of being developed, exposed and identified by some of the top Collegiate, Professional and National team coaches! Those participants who are selected will be representing our State at the highest level of youth soccer.

This year will see the start of many new ideas that we wish to add to the existing program. One of these is our partnership with the West Ham United Academy. This is a program that will give our players a little extra exposure to the game at the highest level and bring their scouts into Louisiana.

If you have any questions about the tryouts or the State Select teams and Olympic Development Programs, please email or call. Again we thank you for your time and commitment. Good luck with tryouts!

Mark Godwin
Technical Director of Coaching Education & Player Development
Louisiana Soccer Association 

(225) 766-0577 Office 
(225) 766-0623 Fax

The US Youth Soccer and Louisiana Soccer Association
State Select Teams & Olympic Development Programs Philosophy

Our State Select Teams Program is designed to identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis for the purposes of developing their skills and abilities; and creating sustained success for the U.S. National Teams in the International arena. 

The SST & Olympic Development Programs Provide Superior Benefits

The Olympic Development Program is an integrated and comprehensive approach that provides benefits superior to other elite player concepts:

  • Focus upon the individual player

  • Development of the individual player is enhanced as he or she trains and plays against the best players in their age group

  • Development of the individual player is enhanced because they must learn to adjust to varying groups of teammates. This requires the player to respond to the varying styles, strengths, weaknesses and abilities of the other elite players, rather than becoming dependent on habits of a fixed group 

  • The highest quality of competition against the best of the best drawn from the entire state rather than one or two clubs or associations

  • Exposure to regional and national team coaches

  • Exposure to college coaches within the environment of the highest quality competition

  • The opportunity to represent our State, Region and Nation in domestic and international competitions

  • Non-profit sponsorship and administration. Our Olympic Development Program does not carry the burden of a profit orientation. As a result, we will continue to drive down participants’ costs. Our goal is to be significantly less expensive than other elite soccer concepts.


How Are Players Selected? 

Players are selected in Louisiana on the basis of open tryouts (00, 01 & 02 Age Groups) or closed tryouts (97, 98 & 99 Age Groups) conducted by the Louisiana Soccer Association. Our State Coaches are experienced college and club coaches, selected by the LSA State Technical Director and approved by the LSA Executive Board. They have been recognized for their abilities to identify and train players with superior talents. Players are scouted year round from events such as Louisiana Competitive Soccer League, Region III Premier League, National League, State Cup and Southern Regionals. The Scouting Staff will consist of LSA, Region III and US Soccer personnel. The LSA Technical Director will coordinate and have final approval on invitations to the closed tryouts.

Selection of SSTP & ODP players is not an easy task. Players are evaluated on the four components that make up a soccer player:

  • Technique

  • Tactics

  • Fitness and Athletic Ability

  • Psychological Component (attitude/desire for excellence)


What Will Happen at Tryouts - Policies and Procedures

  • Players must participate at a tryout priot to Pool/Team selection

  • Players will receive one numbered T-shirt

  • Coaches will receive a list with players designated numbers (no names)

  • Players will be placed by age group, rotate, play games, etc.

  • Players will be assessed and identified by the SST/ODP staff. The staff will determine those players selected to the initial State Pool.


Communication with Identification and Selection

  • All Players must currently be registered with LSA.

  • Player status after tryouts/training sessions will be posted on the LSA website, by the posted dates.

  • Players can be released from the State pool after any session.

  • Players must pay for all training sessions whether in attendance or not to stay in the SST Program. 

  • Registration and Payment is required prior to the set dates. Registration must be completed online for each program or event (i.e., tryouts, training, STX Event, Minicamp). Payments can be made online or through the LSA Office. PLEASE DO NOT PAY AT THE FIELD.

  • If withdrawing from the SST program please notify Valerie Clouatre, ODP Administrator, via email of your intentions at odp@lsa-soccer.org Players must notify the LSA SST/ODP Administrator to formally withdraw from the program or they will be responsible for all training fees.


What are the Players Expectations?

The Louisiana Soccer Association is rapidly becoming a leader in ODP within our Region largely due to the quality coaching staff available. The Louisiana Soccer Association provides several avenues for the players to improve, but it is their own enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence, as well as the support from their club coaches, that promotes them to the State, Regional and National Teams.

The Olympic Development Program expects a lot from its players:

  1. Commitment to Excellence

  2. Work Hard – Play Smart!

  3. Personal responsibility – each player must sign the Code of Conduct. Violation of this contract will be dealt with fairly and firmly.

  4. Attendance – players are expected to attend all training/competitive events, and any absences must be documented as well as approved by the Louisiana Soccer Association SST/ODP Administrator. 

  5. All SST & ODP events are scheduled very carefully therefore players are not expected to miss events.


What happens if I miss a Training Session? 

Be aware that players are always being evaluated at every training session and players can be released from the program at anytime. If you are going to miss a training session please email us at odp@lsa-soccer.org and MarkGodwinDOC@lsa-soccer.org so that we can pass that information onto the coaches that will be affected. Approved excuses are medical, school and death in the family. Medical excuses must be on legitimate stationery from a Doctor (who is not related to the player.) Other excuses must be documented in writing.


When are the final Pools Selected? 

Coaches are always evaluating the players so that they can select the best players to represent LSA SSTP. The final team selection for the Region Camps in June/July will be selected after your respective events/training sessions have concluded.


What are the Parents Expectations? 

The Louisiana Soccer Association appreciates the time and commitment parents make on the behalf of their sons and daughters. This information pack was developed in an effort to educate both parents and players of the SSTP process. Please utilize this information pack as a tool to answer most of your questions as well as giving you an insight into our State Select Teams & Olympic Development Programs. 

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to check e-mails and our website as well as LSA's Facebook and Twitter accounts prior to all training dates/events. Fields can be closed unexpectedly for reasons other than weather.

  • Please pay particular attention to all deadlines and instructions for various activities. Adherence to these dates is the key to reducing hassles and costs. 

  • It is the families’ responsibility to respond to correspondence from the state office. Not doing so in a timely fashion will jeopardize the players’ opportunity to participate in an event.


What is a Region?

US Soccer split the country into 4 regions for administrative and logistical purposes. The four regions are known as Region I (Northeast), Region II (Midwest), Region III (Southeast) and Region IV (West). Each regions comprises 12-14 states. We are Region III, together with AL, AR, FL, GA, MS, NC, NTX, OK, SC, STX and TN. Each region has a Region Board presided by a Region Director. Each Region also runs the Region ODP. The Regional Director appoints a Region ODP Administrator and Region ODP Head Coach who, together, are in charge of running ODP at the Regional level.



What are Region III Trials?

Each Region offers a Regional Camp or "Trials" for ODP participants in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to develop these elite players through high-level competition and training. During this training and competition, players who are capable of performing at the highest level of play are identified for possible Regional pool, Regional team and National team camp participation. The specifics, as well as the cost, of these Regional camps will be published by Louisiana Soccer Association to all invited players.


What is the purpose of the Region III Trials? 

The main purpose of the Region III Trials is to evaluate the players from all states within our Region and select a regionl pool of players in each age group for further evaluation and competition. All the states send their state teams to the trials and play each other in front of the regional staff coaches.

The other purpose of the region trials is to expose the players to a higher level of competition and contribute towards their personal development through challenging games and training with high level region staff coaches.

When are the Region III Trials usually held?

The Region III Trials are usually held in late June and early July each year. The two gendershave their own separate trials, each at a different location. Since there are several age groups to evaluate, the trials are organized into 5 day-long sessions, with each session accommodating one or two age groups. At the end of the 5 day camp, a region pool is selected.

What is the Player Selection Process at the Region Level?

At the Region Trials, players play against other states each day and are evaluated for selection into the Region Pool in each age group. At the end of the trials, a Region Pool of 30-40 players is selected. The Region Pool in some age groups may be held over for another 2-3 days to train under the Region Coaches. In the months following the Trials, Region teams of 16-18 players will be selected in each age group to participate in National Camps, Inter-Regional events and/or international trips. The National Staff Coaches attend these events and evaluate players for inclusion into the National Pools and possibly the opportunity of wearing the Red, White and Blue of our US National Teams.

To provide some perspective here, since each region selects a similarly sized pool, when a player is selected for the region pool, he/she is considered in the top 120-160 players in the country in his/her age group. Once a player is selected for a region team, he/she is now considered in the top 60-70 players in the country!

What is the Region Trials Format?

The boys and girls trials vary slightly, but players typically arrive and check-in the afternoon of the first day. The state coaches run their own practice on the first evening, after which everyone attends the Opening Ceremonies and dinner. The second, third and fourth days are similar in format, with one training session, a presentation/lecture and one game per day. The practices are run by the region staff coach assigned to that specific team. The fifth and final day typically has a game in the morning, after which the region pools are announced and the state teams depart around lunch time.

On some evenings, 'Region Pool' games are used, where players who excelled in the previous state vs. state games are pulled from their states and organized into teams and play a game watched by all region staff. These pool games are important for the selection process as they pit the best players against each other to see who can handle the speed of play and belong at the next level.


What Benefits do Players who are not selected to Region Pools get from the Region Trials?

The Region Trials has many other benefits for all the players. It is a chance for players to challenge themselves and gauge themselves against the best in the region. Good players thrive on playing against quality opponents and the region trials provide a competition level that is rare. Experts tell us that for elite athletes to reach their potential, they need to play around 30-40 quality games per year where they are pushed by equal or superior opponents. The typical ODP player doesnt get a sufficient dose of such games at the club level because many of these club games are against inferior players. Other than a few top-of-the-table clashes or top club tournaments, club games lack quality on a consistent level. ODP activities and region trials provide additional qulaity competition to supplement the club competitions.

Region Trials can be an inspiring experience. Many players, who are used to being the best in their club team, get a rude awakening at the region trials. They get exposed to the very best and become motivated to work harder and make the region pool the next time. For some players, the region trials are a humbling experience. They come home highly motivated and with a new perspective. Player development is a long process, a journey affected by many factors and experiences, some positive and some negative. It's hard to measure the impact each experience has on a player and hard to account for the intangibles. But many top American players look back on their experience at the ODP region trials as one of the turning points in their growth.

The region trials expose all the players to the top college and national staff coaches. College coaches regard ODP participation and attendance in the region trials as an indication of the player's ability and ambition.

The opportunity to represent your state is another benefit. Pride in accomplishment, meeting players and coaches from other states, and learning a little about oneself and coping with adversity are some of the intangibles as well. If the players who 'lift the trophy' are considered the only beneficiaries of an event, everyone else would be missing the point.




How Can I Learn More? 

The Louisiana Soccer Association is committed to providing the highest quality Olympic Development Program at the lowest possible cost and with fully informed parents and players. Additional information can be found at www.playlouisianasoccer.org or contact Mark Godwin, LSA Technical Director of Coaching Education & Player Development and/or Valerie Clouatre, LSA SST/ODP Administrator, as well as members of the LSA staff at (225) 766-0577(225) 766-0577 or MarkGodwinDOC@lsa-soccer.org or odp@lsa-soccer.org.


Tentative Budget 2013 – 2014

Tryout Fee: $75.00 (Register online deadline Monday before tryout) + $25.00 (Late Fee) + $25.00 (Onsite Registration)

Pool Training Fee: $125.00 (Minimum of 4 Sessions, Fitness Testing & Pool Training Gear)

South TX Sub-Regional – Houston: $150* (00, 01, 02 Boys and Girls ONLY)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fees Only

Possible Sub-Regional – TBA: $175* (97, 98, 99 Boys and Girls ONLY)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fees Only

Mini Camp, TBA: $205* (01 Boys and Girls ONLY)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fee, Accommodation and Meal

College Combine Camp, Monroe: $205* (97, 98, 99 and 00 Boys and Girls ONLY)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fee, Accommodation and Meals

Arkansas ODP Academy Camp: $600.00* (02 Boys and Girls)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fee, Accommodation, Meals and Transportation

Region III Trials: $650.00* (97, 98, 99, 00, 01 Boys and Girls ONLY)
Includes Event Fee, Coaches Fee, Accommodation and Meals

Total Estimated Cost: (subject to change)

97/98/99 -  $1,230
00/01 -  $1,205
02 -  $950

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for those in need primarily for Region III Trials, assistance with pool events may be requested. All players must pay the tryout and training fees. After this, families may apply for scholarship assistance. Scholarship applications will be emailed upon request by contacting Valerie Clouatre, LSA SST/ODP Administrator, at odp@lsa-soccer.org. All applications for financial assistance must be received by the LSA office prior to April 15th of each calendar year.

The Louisiana Soccer Association State Select Teams Program is financially self-supporting. It will be the policy of this administration to keep the total cost of this program as efficient as possible. Costs are determined by facilities, hotels, coaches, transportation, entry fees and other projected miscellaneous expenses.



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