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LSA is committed to staffing ODP with the finest youth soccer coaches available. They each bring coaching experience, training and education to the program and they are each dedicated to the development and growth of each individual player.

ODP / SST Contacts and Coaches

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ODP Contacts

Mark Godwin - LSA Technical Director - MarkGodwinDOC@lsa-soccer.org

Valerie Clouatre - LSA ODP Administrator - ODP@lsa-soccer.org

LSA Office - 225.766.0577

LSA Fax - 225.766.0623

ODP Coaches 2013-2014
97 Dylan Harrison (Nicholls State) Luke Sheekey (NOLA Jesters)
Megan Mattei (MSC) Chris Penton (MSC)
98 Aaron Cline (LYSA/CSC/Region III) Fares Karadsheh (BRSC)
Cecilie Henriksen (NSU) Stuart Hayers (Former Capitals)
99 Kevin Sherry (La Tech) Louie Smothermon (La Fire)
Hillary Clark (Nicholls State) Greg Comeaux (LYSA/CSC)
Bruce Deaton (LC) Greg Palmer (CABOSA/SU)
Brandon Lewis (Houston) Jonathan Walsh (NELSA)
Stuart Poole (CABOSA/SU) Joshua McReynolds (LSU)


Brett Malone (BRSC) Steven Morris (FC NOLA)
Mark Matlock (CABOSA/SU) Philip Silverman (BRSC)
Clint Hoffman (GSC) Mike Stearns (MSC)


Raymond Lee (YMCA) Rich Heffernan (GSC/Region III)
Mike Aguilar (LSUS) Scott Buete (BRSC)
Patrick Bueno (BRSC) Ryan Lazaroe (SYSC/RIII)
Goalkeeper Coaches Rich Heffernan (GSC/RIII), Courtney Prather (SU), Dave Lapeyrouse (LYSA/CSC), Andrew Robertson (Delta State), Deb Hill (LYSA/CSC), Krystle Donaldson (NSU), T.S. Noble (CCU), Mark French (La Fire)
Other Coaches Jesse DeMello (LSUS), George Van Linder (NSU), Al Silvas (La Fire), Derek Godwin (RIII), Mark Godwin (LSA/RIII)
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