ODP Financial Assistance

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LSA understands the financial burdens on players and their families and we strive to keep ODP costs as low as possible. To help make ODP accessible to everyone and to see no player is turned away because of financial need, LSA offers financial aid to candidates truly in need. Financial aid is based entirely on need and LSA may grant full or partial aid. 
  • In the event you are granted partial financial aid, the portion of the program fee you will be obligated to pay must be paid in full before and Financial Aid is applied. 
  • If any portion of the program fee you are obligated to pay is not paid when it becomes due, your financial aid may be withdrawn.
  • Accepting ODP Financial Aid carries with it an expectation that the player and/or his or her parents will make themselves available to volunteer at ODP or any other LSA program or event.
All Applications for Financial Aid are due on or before January 14, 2020
Should you require financial aid, please email ODP Program Manager, Valerie Clouatre at ODP@lsa-soccer.org. Valerie will send you an Application for Financial Aid. The Application must be completed and, along with the required supporting documents, be mailed to the LSA office. All applications for financial aid will be held in strict confidence.