ODP Costs

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Unlike most other youth sports programming, Louisiana ODP is a self-funded program. The costs to ODP participants are determined entirely by the operational charges and expenses incurred by LSA. No profit is generated from ODP. 

Tryout/Evaluation Center Fee

Registration Fee           $75.00   

Installments for Accepted Players

Commitment to ODP is a commitment to the entire program. It is fully expected that each player will attend every ODP event unless an excusable conflict arises. Partial payments will not be accepted without prior written approval from LSA. 

2006, 2007 and 2008 Players

Payments must be made in five (5) installments as follows:

Upon Acceptance          $ 75.00
January 15, 2020          $ 300.00
March 15, 2020          $ 300.00
April 15, 20120         $ 300.00
May 15, 2020          $ 200.00

2003, 2004 and 2005 Players

Payments must be made in five (4) installments as follows:

Upon Acceptance          $ 75.00
January 15, 2020          $ 300.00
March 15, 2020          $ 300.00
April 15, 2020          $ 300.00

Uniforms and Training gear are separate costs.


No refunds issued except for season-ending injuries.  Doctor's excuses are required before a refund can be issued.

Costs FAQ

What does the cost include?
The costs include the price of training, administration, coaches, equipment, events, and scouting services from the South Region.  Each state is responsible for hosting scouts across training and/ or events.  LSA will be hosting US Soccer and South Region ODP Scouts for player identification purposes during assigned training events.  
Our ODP survey results last summer illustrated the desire increase training contacts.  Six sessions did not allow for adequate development nor engage the learning of the ODP Player.  Hence, LSA ODP is increasing the training contacts to help its members continue to find additional development opportunities.  
Events allow opportunities for competition and collegiate exposure along with South Region Scouting exposure.  Event entry fees are covered by LSA ODP.  
Unlike for profit companies, LSA is obligated to our members to make every effort to keep event costs (travel, hotel, meals, et al) at a minimum.  Again, Louisiana ODP is a zero-base program and, by LSA Policy, cannot make a profit.