ODP Contacts and Coaches

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Louisiana ODP is staffed with some of the finest youth soccer coaches available in Louisiana. Each coach brings experience, training and education to the program and they are each dedicated to the development and growth of each individual player.

Valerie Clouatre - LSA ODP Manager
LSA Office - 225-766-0577   LSA Fax - 225-766-0623

The Coaching Staff for the 2016-17 ODP seasonal year.

2000 Girls
2000 Boys
Raymond Lee
Claudy St. Louis
Samantha Etherington
2001 Girls
2001 Boys
Kevin Sherry
Chris Penton
Mark Matlock
Arrick Lassiter
Julianne DeBlieux
Brandon Lewis
2002 Girls
2002 Boys
Luis Sabillon
Greg Comeaux
Melissa Minton
Kiran Booluck
Brenna Perez
2003 Girls
2003 Boys
Mike Aguilar
Paul Shenton
Meaux Homburg
Aaron Barnes
Michael Zanco
Miles Vaughn
2004 Girls
2004 Boys
Angie Mitchell
Philip Silverman
Amber Andrews
Brocklon Chatman
Claudy St. Louis
2005 Girls
2005 Boys
Tucker Reynolds
Rich Heffernan
Rachel Clark
Jonathan King
Goalkeeping Coaches
Danny Free, Mark French, Carl Goody, Rich Heffernan, Dave Lapeyrouse and Alex Parker