Misconduct Penalties

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LSA is committed to addressing poor behavior and poor sportsmanship on the field and on both sidelines. LSA Policy reflects an intolerance for individuals who display poor behavior that results in cautions or send-offs during the course of league play. The Misconduct Policies can be found in the LSA Policy Manual and it is the obligation of every Coach and Team Administrator to clearly understand LSA Policy.



Policy 214.3         Player Misconduct
Policy 214.4         Coach Misconduct
Policy 214.5     Penalty Point Accumulation
Policy 214.6         Team Misconduct
In General...
          A one game suspension shall include, but no be limited to, receiving a second caution in the same game; serious foul play; denying a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball; and denying a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. (see: LSA Policy
          An additional suspension of 1 game (for a total of 2 games) is mandated in the event the player’s ejection was for violent conduct  including but not limited to the aggression of a player towards an opponent with clearly no intent to play the ball; offensive, insulting  or abusive language or gestures. (see: LSA Policy
          An additional suspension of another game (for a total of 3 games) is mandated in the event the player’s ejection for violent conduct  involved hitting, kicking, punching or fighting, racial or ethnic slurs and/or spitting on or at another. (see: LSA Policy
         The only factor to be considered in determining the nature of the offense for which a suspension is awarded shall be the language  used by the Referee in the Referee Report submitted to LSA. (see: LSA Policy Red Cards and Ejections ARE NOT subject to appeal.
           It is the responsibility of the Coach, Manage and Club to understand the length of a suspension to be served and to ensure the suspension is served in full. If a suspended player participates in any LSA Game before serving his or her suspension, that game will be recorded as a forfeit and the individual  shall still have to serve his or her suspension. 
In addition a penalty point system to penalize those individuals who display persistent misconduct was implemented in 2014. (see: LSA Policy 214.5)
To elevate the level of play across Louisiana, we must all work toward elevating the level of conduct of those few who display unsporting and, at times, uncivilized behavior at our soccer games.