Misconduct Penalties

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LSA is committed to addressing poor behavior and poor sportsmanship both on the field and on both sidelines. LSA Policy has been amended to reflect intolerance for individuals who display a pattern of poor behavior that results in cautions or send-offs during the course of league play. The Misconduct Policies can be found in the LSA Policy Manual



Policy 214.3         Player Misconduct

Policy 214.4         Coach Misconduct

Policy 214.5     Penalty Point Accumulation

Policy 214.6         Team Misconduct


In addition to establishing a penalty point system to penalize those individuals who display persistent misconduct, the LSA Policies detail the strict suspension requirements for players involved in Violent Conduct. LSA has added "racial or ethnic slurs" to the definition of Violent Conduct. Individuals guilty of making a racial or ethnic slur shall be subject to a 3-game suspension.

To elevate the level of play across Louisiana, we must all work toward elevating the level of conduct of those few who display unsporting and, at times, uncivilized behavior at our soccer games.