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LPDL Structure

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What Will the LPDL Look Like?Final Logo
  • The LPDL will be combined age groups at U14/U15, U16/U17 and U18/U19 in both genders.
  • LPDL teams will not compete in the LCSL.
  • LPDL teams will be eligible to compete in the RPL at the older of the two age groups.
  • LPDL teams will be encouraged not to compete in any other league so as to keep a proper training to game ratio and to keep costs to soccer families within reason.
  • Clubs will not be limited on the number of players on each roster from each specific birth year.
  • There will be 5 teams in each age group/gender.
  • LPDL play will consist of 8 games in a home/away series between each Club.
  • At least 3 LPDL games must be played in both the spring and the fall.
  • All LPDL games will be self-scheduled to give Clubs freedom to attend regional and national events.
  • Player movement to and from LPDL will be open. 
  • Players will be permitted to participate on their high school teams.
  • All costs to LSA will remain the same as LCSL teams.