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LPDL Club Criteria and Application

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Final LogoAny club duly affiliated and in good-standing with Louisiana Soccer Association is welcome to apply to become an LPDL Club. Admission to the LPDL, however, must by definition be very selective. The exclusivity of the LPDL is necessary in order to insure the highest standards of play across the league are maintained year to year. 
The criteria to qualify as a member club in the LPDL are set forth in LSA Policy 305.7. The criteria and the guidelines to become an LPDL Club are stringent and, again, the LPDL is a club-based league, not a team-based league. 
The process begins with filing the LPDL Application and all of the supporting documentation. Applications must be submitted to the LSA Office at 475 Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70820 on or before March 1st of every year.
Once a Club's LPDL Application is received, both the Application and all of the supporting documentation shall be reviewed carefully. Further LSA will analyze the history of the Club's performance across all age groups and both genders in league play, state tournament play and play in regionally and nationally recognized competitions. LSA will also evaluate the Club's administrative history as an affiliate including an understanding of and adherence to LSA Policy. The term "elite" reaches beyond the field of play.