LPDL Club Criteria and Application

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To qualify as a member club in the LPDL, a club must satisfy stringent guidelines to insure LPDL standards are Final Logomaintained on an annual basis.
  • The Club must enter a team in each combined age group in both genders in the LPDL.
  • Coaching. The Club's Director of Coaching must possess a US Soccer A License. The Head Coach of each LPDL team must possess a US Soccer C License or the International equivalent. The Club must have a written coaching education and development policy that encourages and requires their coaches to pursue higher licensure from US Soccer.
  • Training Environment. The Club must have a written training curriculum for each LPDL age group. The training curriculum must include on-field, classroom, agility and fitness training and any other aspect of player development.
  • Personal Player Development. The Club must have a written policy concerning personal development of players including the maintenance of academic standards, college counseling and standards for player conduct.
  • Facilities. The Club must have sufficient field and training facilities including access to classroom facilities as well as fitness and agility facilities.
  • Support Staff. The Club must be able to provide support staff to administer the on-field and off-field LPDL programs and to keep detailed records of player and coaching performance, education and development.
  • Program Prospectus. The Club must publish a Program Prospectus specific to each age group. The Prospectus shall be given to each player who wishes to participate in the LPDL and his or her parents. The Prospectus shall include
    • The cost to participate in the Club’s LPDL program.
    • The Club philosophy on player development.
    • A profile of the Club Director of Coaching and each coach involved in the team.
    • A proposed training schedule.
    • A list of the possible tournaments to which the Team will be applying.
  • Financial Aid. Each Club must have a defined Financial Aid policy for all of its registered players.
LPDL Club Application
To apply to become an LPDL Club simply print out the Application, complete it in its entirety and submit the Application together with all supporting documentation to Tucker Reynolds, Executive Director, Louisiana Soccer Association, 475 Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70820. For the LPDL Club Application
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