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Louisiana Soccer Academy Program

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The concept of Academy-based programming and the sound player development philosophy behind it has grown exponentially over the past few years. Starting our players in an environment that focuses on player development and performance rather than on team achievements and outcomes has been proved world-wide to be a productive formula for introducing kids to the game and in retaining them longer. 
The LSAP is designed specifically to 
  • make learning the game enjoyable for youth players,
  • help retain players through their years of cognitive and physical growth,
  • focus on the technical development of each player,
  • de-emphasize results as a measure of success, 
  • reduce pressure on players and coaches to earn results,
  • to educate parents and players on the importance of defining long term success in terms of player performance  rather than team outcomes, and
  • bring clubs together in a cooperative environment to focus on player development.


LSA Policy 300.3 specifically outlines the process and criteria for developing an Academy Program. The LSAP is inclusive and club-driven. LSA simply guides and supports the LSAP. 

LSAP Club Application

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Sample LSAP Curriculum Format

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LSA Policy 300.3 

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