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Louisiana Competitive Soccer League

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The Louisiana Competitive Soccer League

All Competitive teams are encouraged to participate in the Louisiana Competitive Soccer League (LCSL). The LCSL is for all U11-U18 Boys & Girls. To participate in a Competitive State Cup, the team must participate in the LCSL or a Region III Premier League. Every team that participates in one of the above leagues will be eligible to participate in a Competitive State Tournament. There will still be a U19 State Tournament however there is no league play requirement. The U19 Teams may elect to participate in either the Competitive I or II State Tournament.


What is the Louisiana Competitive Soccer League?

The LCSL is a league where depending on your level of play you will either participate in a C1, C2 or lower League. There will be a champion at each age group/gender of each league and results will determine which level of the Competitive State Tournament you participate in and will provide seeding for the State Tournament. Generally most teams will need to allocate slightly less than half of the available weekends in a given playing season to league play, including weekends for potential playoffs if applicable and make up dates.


Determination of which league your team will play in?

Level of play for LCSL will be determined by the results of the previous year State Tournaments. Teams must maintain 50% + 1 of their roster to retain their placement, otherwise the will be placed in the lower league initially. Teams can petition the Competitive Committee if they feel extenuating circumstances exist why their team should be in the C1 League. The top finishing teams from the Competitive 1 State Tournament will be eligible to participate in the Region III Premier Leagues




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