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Louisiana Competitive Soccer League

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The Louisiana Competitive Soccer League ("LCSL") is a state-wide youth soccer league administered by LSA. All competitive teams in the state are encouraged to participate in the LCSL. LSA will bring objectivity, consistency and parity to league structure and the placement of teams is determined by play on the field.   The goal of the league is to provide a safe, fair and competitive environment in which all of our youth players can grow and develop in the game and learn the life lessons best taught through participation in sports.  

The LCSL has Divisions in each age/gender group from U11 through U19. Division 1 from U15 and older will contain of 6 teams and Division 1 U14 and younger will have 8 teams. Division 2 and below will have 8 teams in all age/gender groups whenever possible. The seeding of each Division will be determined the results of league play and promotion and relegation between Divisions from the preceding seasonal year. Teams participating in the Regional Premier League teams will also play in the LCSL.

Seeding in all Louisiana State Tournaments will be determined by LCSL standings at the end of each seasonal year. All teams will play in the state tournament established for its LCSL Division (e.g. Division 2 will play in the Presidents Cup).