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LCSL Important Dates

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As a result of the implementation of the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives, beginning in the Fall of 2016, LCSL age groups will be defined by the Birth Year of players rather than their school year. We anticipate this will create a certain degree of turmoil for our member clubs in reformulating their LCSL teams. In an attempt to ease this turmoil, LSA has developed a new timeline of Important Dates for formulating and bracketing teams for the 2016-17 LCSL seasonal year. This new timeline has been reviewed, discussed and amended by the Soccer Culture Advisory Council, the LCSL Competitive Committee and the entire membership at the Midyear Meeting in January. 
July 19                       U13-U19 Preliminary Brackets Released
July 22                       U13-U19 Final Team Black-out Dates Due
July 26                       Final U13-U19 Brackets Released
August 6-7                  Annual General Meeting – Marriott Lakeway in Metarie, LA
August 12                   LCSL Schedule Released
August 15                   Assignor Test to be completed.  The Assignor of each club must have taken and passed the                                             Assignor Test on or before August 15 in order for the club to host LCSL games.
August 27-28              U11-U19 league games be scheduled if necessary and at the discretion of LSA to alleviate Fall                                           scheduling conflicts
September 10-11          U11-U19 First Fall weekend of league play
October 15-16              U14-U19 Final regular weekend for Fall league play and reschedule requests
October 22-23              U14-U19 Fall make-up weekend
November 12-13           U11-U13 Final regular weekend for Fall league play and reschedules requests
November 18              New U11-U12 teams, that did not participate in Fall 2016 league play, shall submit Letters of                                           Intent for Spring 2017
November 19-20           U11-U13 Fall make-up weekend
December 1                Spring Blackout Dates Due. All U11-U13 teams competing in Spring league play shall submit                                            their blackout dates in GotSoccer
December 9                 U11-U13 Spring Brackets released
January 6                    U11-U13 Spring schedule released
January 28-29              U11-U13 First Spring weekend of league play
February 25-26             No LCSL games due to Mardi Gras
March 3-4                    U14-U19 First Spring weekend of league play
April 1-2                      U11-U19 Final regular weekend for Spring league play and reschedule requests
April 8-9                      U11-U19 Spring make-up weekend
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