LCSL 2019-2020 Preliminary Brackets

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2018-19 End of Season LCSL BracketsLCSL 2018 NB
Below is the link to the 2018-19 End of Season LCSL Brackets. These brackets are simply the league brackets at the end of the 2018-19 seasonal year adjusted by promotion and relegation of teams between divisions. These brackets ARE NOT the final brackets. These brackets are simply a starting point. In many instances, these brackets may be far from the final brackets. There are many elements which may affect the final placement of teams. They include:


  • Club Letters of Intent - Letters of Intent are due from all clubs for all competitive teams 11U through 19U on or before July 12, 2019. Clubs can express a desire for placement of their teams and such desires of paramount importance to LSA in the formulation of the final brackets. 
  • Combination of teams - Often clubs will consolidate teams as a result of diminished participation or when teams transition from 9 v. 9 to 11 v. 11. 
  • Dissolution of Teams - Each year some teams dissolve for one or more countless reasons. This creates a void in the brackets which leads to adjustments. 
  • LPDL teams - Changes in the format of the LPDL and invitations to Associate members of the league may change team placement not only for the LPDL, but also for other teams in the same age/gender group.


Again, the End of Season Brackets are only Step 1 in a long and detailed process. 

2018-19 End of Season LCSL Brackets
The End of Season Brackets are in Microsoft Excel Form
Age/Gender Groups are denoted on tabs at the bottom
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Preliminary 2019-20 LCSL Brackets will be released after the Letters of Intent deadline.
Final 2019-20 LCSL Brackets will be released July 22, 2019.