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LCSL 2018-19 Final Brackets

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2018-19 LCSL Brackets
Below is the link to the 2018-19 LCSL brackets. These brackets reflect the league standings at the end of the 2017-18 seasonal, adjustments by promotion and relegation of teams between divisions and Letters of Intent submitted by Clubs. Team placements may have also been affected by a number of different elements including 
  • LPDL teams - At the 16U and the 18U levels, some players from last year's LPDL teams may be returning to the LCSL. While the LPDL is designed to encourage fluid movement of players between teams, some LPDL Clubs are more rigid in naming their LPDL rosters and entire teams are being moved from the LPDL to the LCSL from year to year.

  • Dissolution or Combination of Teams - Each year a number of LCSL teams dissolve or combine with other teams as a result of decreasing numbers. These actions create voids that would effect differences between the Preliminary Brackets and the Final Brackets. 

2018-19 LCSL Brackets
The Preliminary Brackets are in Microsoft Excel Form
Age/Gender Groups are denoted on tabs at the bottom
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