Coach Development Program

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The The Coach Development Program ("CDP") is an in-season program designed to help develop good coaching skills and habits in recreational coaches and to encourage both players and coaches to focus on the development of technical skills. A byproduct of the CDP is the development of proper technique in your players at a young age.
  • Run once a week for 4-6 weeks for all the Club’s teams in a single age group U7-U10.
  • 75 -90 minute sessions (depending on age group)
  • Age-appropriate sessions focus on technique but progress to a game-like activity.
  • A program manual with all of the sessions will be given to each coach.
  • The LSA Coach has close interaction with coaches reviewing each activity before and after the session.
  • Coaches run the sessions with assistance from the LSA coach or the LSA Coach can run an activity as a demonstration to the Club Coach.
The CDP has a dual purpose. Educate coaches while developing the technical skills of the players. The CDP is easy to organize, easy to run, fun for the players, informative and helpful for the coaches and a great example for parents that technical development and fun go hand in hand.