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I have been involved with ODP for over 20 years at the state, regional, national and international levels. There is no other identification program in the State of Louisiana better than ODP. It is the pinnacle when it comes to identifying the best talent in this state. No other league nor 
program has moved players into MLS, national team camps, major Division
I programs than LSA ODP. It's an honor to be part of this program and
help players achieve their goals of playing at a higher level, "
Ryan Lazaroe, LSA Boys ODP Director

Improvements to ODP

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In May 2019, US Youth Soccer announced exciting new changes to ODP nationwide. Their goal was to bring consistency in how ODP was run in all 4 of the Regions across the country. LSA believes in the ODP experience: ODP places the best players with the best players.  
News Item 
Academy Directors from the Philadelphia Union and FC Cincinnati of the MLS and the Houston Dash of the NWSL will attend ODP training the weekend of February 8th. In addition to scouting our ODP players, these Academy Directors will participate in a round-table discussion about the US Development Academy and the typical profile of an Academy player. This presentation will be open to our ODP Coaching Staff and all Technical Directors of LSA Clubs across the State.
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Redefining the ODP Mission
ODP is moving towards an identification program whereby scouts will attend training and events to identify players for Region Camp and beyond. This shift in the ODP Mission is founded on a vast network of ODP Scouts nationwide. Scouting and identifying players starts with the Club. Coaches are asked to identify their elite players and pass them on to LSA. LSA ODP is the next step in the scouting process. We have hired a Boys ODP Director and a Girls ODP Director to act as LSA's Chief Scouts. It is their primary responsibility to make certain the best players are being invited to ODP. 
Additional Training
ODP players and their parents have asked for more training claiming very little in the way of player development in 5-6 training sessions. We agree. LSA has scheduled more than double that amount  of training sessions. Further, each training session will have an identification component to it. US Youth Soccer Scouts, College Coaches and perhaps MLS or NWSL Coaches will be invited to train our teams. Again, the more voices a player can hear the more effective their development. Not every player connects with every Coach. LSA is committed to giving our players more training from more coaches than ever before.
Region Camp Changes
Region Camp is no longer a team-based event. It will be by invitation only and will be focused on identification. However, LSA has made provision to bring the identification component of Regional Camp directly to Louisiana. US Youth Soccer Scouts and in particular South Region ODP Coaching Staff, will come to LSA training weekends to work directly with our players and to evaluate them. These ODP Scouts will be evaluating just Louisiana players and in a training environment.
Girls and Boys Directors
In order to vastly improve our organization and to create an ODP model that incorporates player identification in everything we do, LSA has hired Girls and Boys Directors. These Directors will provide an invaluable resource for players and their families. In addition to being 2 of the most successful and knowledgeable A-Licensed Coach es in Louisiana, they are highly organized and highly professional in everything they do. The players and their experiences in the game always come first.
Additional Coaches
LSA has hired the finest Coaches in Louisiana from a broad spectrum of Clubs. All of thee coaches are committed to their players and to the Mission of ODP. In addition to the Boys and Girls Directors, LSA has appointed Head Coaches for each age group. We have also hired a large corps of Additional Coaches that will be used on a rotating and substitution basis. These coaches will be able to coach sessions, give players one-on-one evaluations at training and will act as Scouts for South Region ODP. In essence, your son or daughter will get the benefit of more than one or two coaches. They will be exposed to a number of coaches on a regular basis.
South Region ODP Championships
US Youth Soccer has also established Regional ODP Championships. While these tournaments are new to the South Region, they have been run for years with great success in other regions.  All of our teams will compete for the South Region ODP Championships. This tournament replaces the team-oriented component of the Regional Camp with a region-wide competitive tournament. The 2006, 2007 and 2008 South Regional ODP Championship will be in Florida January 24-26. The 2003, 2004 and 2005 age groups will compete in their South Regional ODP Championship in Tennessee June 5-9.
Additional Tournaments
LSA ODP will also be taking all of its teams to a College Showcase Tournament in Tennessee March 20-22. The goal of travel to tournaments is to get our players in front of the coaches from colleges and universities players from Louisiana actually attend. This will be accomplished by both the South Regional Tournament and the additional tournaments scheduled.