The LPDL and the State Cup

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The method of integrating the LPDL into the Louisiana State Cup has been a topic of discussion at the Competitive Committee, the SCAC, the Executive Committee and at both the LSA Midyear and Annual General Meetings. In developing a State Cup model for the “LPDL Years” (15U and 17U), a balance needed to be achieved between the desire the include LCSL teams in the State Cup with the fear that the LPDL teams would dominate the tournament. The most pressing concern was to allow LCSL Division 1 teams access to the State Cup in the “LPDL Years”.
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The model LSA will use in the 2018 Louisiana State Cup is that model devised at the Competitive Committee Meeting in December 2016 and which has been used in all LPDL presentations and discussions with the membership.  This “Full Integration Model” simply combines LCSL Division 1 and LPDL teams in the State Cup.