State Tournament Manager's Notebook

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Being the Manager for a team entering any one of the Louisiana State Tournaments involves far more than printing schedules and rosters. LSA Policy 306 sets forth those policies and procedures used to govern play in our state tournaments. Team Managers need to be familiar with these Policies, Rules and Procedures.
In an effort to help, LSA has published the State Tournament Manager's Notebook. Click on the Notebook to read.
Tournament Managers Notebbok
Table of Contents
Louisiana State Tournaments in General        
The Game Belongs to the Kids                           
The State Cup                                                        
Louisiana Presidents Cup                                   
Bob Abbott Cup                                            
Louisiana Open Cup                                        
State Tournament Team Registration             
Hotels and Accommodations                          
Player Safety                                                    
State Tournament Policies and Rules              
State Tournament Club Pass                           
Team Check-in at Tournament                         
The State Cup Medical Release Form