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Louisiana Recreational State Cup

Allstate Sugar Bowl PNG2015 Louisiana Recreational State Cup
April 18th and 19th, 2015
Chappapeela Sports Complex, Hammond, LA
Hosted by: South Tangi Youth Soccer


Teams     The LSA Recreational State Cup welcomes all teams that meet the LSA definition of a “recreational team” (Policy 302.9.1).

U10 teams that play in a 6 v. 6 format will be limited to a roster of 12 players
U10 and U12 teams that play in an 8 v. 8 format will be limited to a roster of 16 players
NOTE:  LSA will attempt to bracket all teams that play in a Louisiana Academy Program together.
U14 teams will play in an 11 v. 11 format and will be limited to rosters of 22 players
Teams in a Club that uses pool rosters for registration with LSA, must have an event roster created for the LSA Recreational State Cup.
Guest Players
  • must be from the same Club;
  • his or her original team must not also be playing in the tournament
  • an LSA Guest Player Form must be submitted
  • U10 6v6 teams are limited to 1 Guest Player
  • U10 8 v. 8 and U12 teams are limited to 2 Guest Players
  • U14 teams are limited to 3 Guest players
  • No All-star teams will be allowed
Registration for the LSA Recreational State Cup
1.  Online Registration.   You will use your existing team account with GotSoccer. If you need your team account information, contact your Club for your login and password.
Button - Red Pill
2.  Registration Confirmation Form.   Fill out the Registration Confirmation Form (available here) and submit it to your Club. This Registration Confirmation Form must include the confirmation number from the confirmation email you will receive from GotSoccer.  Each Club will submit all of the Registration Confirmation Form for all of their teams entering the LSA Recreational State Cup together with one  (1) Club check for all registration fees.
  • The LSA Recreational State Cup online application is due no later than 5:00 PM on April 6th.
  • Payment and club paperwork must be received at the LSA office no later than Noon on April 10th



The entry fee for the LSA Recreational State Cup is $325.00 per team.
Success of the Louisiana Recreational State Cup depends on our member organizations. The more teams that are entered, the better the competition and the more fun the weekend will be.
For more information or questions, contact LSA Program Manager, Jeff Schoonover,at jeff@lsa-soccer.org.


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