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A special thanks to our long-time friends at Allstate Sugar Bowl for their commitment to amateur athletes across Louisiana and their continued support of Louisiana Soccer Association.
The Louisiana Open Cup is a single-weekend tournament for teams not competing in The State Cup, the Louisiana Presidents Cup or the Bob Abbott Cup - all Recreational teams and all LCSL teams in Division 3 or below at 13U and older. Seeding will be based upon requests of each team as well as results in the LCSL. Teams can opt to play in the Gold, Blue or Red Division. The goal is to permit teams to compete at a high level while still finding competitive parity between teams. 
2020 Louisiana Open Cup
ANNOUNCEMENT : Unfortunately due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the 2020 Louisiana Open Cup has been CANCELLED in its entirety.
Hotels and Accommodations
The Louisiana Open Cup, like all Louisiana Soccer State Tournaments, is a "Stay to Play" tournament. This means all teams participating in "The Open" that are traveling from beyond a 100 mile radius of the tournament site, must book their accommodations through Anthony Travel. This was done to give our teams and soccer families the best available hotel benefits possible and to ensure all teams receive the protections LSA and Anthony Travel can negotiate with hotels. To visit the Anthony Travel LSA Tournament webpage
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Rainout / Make-up Weekend Refund Policy

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no longer a rainout weekend for the Open Cup this year. In the event the Open Cup is canceled, each team shall receive a refund. LSA will endeavor to cancel tournaments on or before the Thursday prior to the tournament so as to give participants and families time to cancel hotel reservations and travel plans. LSA will endeavor to cancel tournaments on or before the Thursday prior to the tournament so as to give participants and families time to cancel hotel reservations and travel plans.


Wednesday, April 22nd - Tournament Registration Deadline
Friday, April 24th - Payment, Registration Confirmation and Transmittal Forms
Monday, April 27th - Roster Freeze Date
Entry Fee
$400.00 per team
GOLD    All LCSL Division 3 teams (and all Academy teams at 10U) will be placed in GOLD, but this Division is also open to LCSL Division 4 and 5 teams as well as to Recreational teams that want to challenge themselves at a higher level of competition.

BLUE     All LCSL Division 4 and 5 teams not opting to play in GOLD will be placed in BLUE. BLUE is also open to Recreational teams.

RED       All Recreational teams not looking for the challenge of playing in GOLD or BLUE will be placed in RED.



1.   To register your team for the Louisiana Open Cup       Click Here 2         
2.   Registration Confirmation Form.  After registering your team through GotSoccer above, each team must submit their Registration Confirmation Form to their Club for appropriate signatures.
3.   Club Transmittal Form. The Club will then submit the Registration Confirmation Forms for ALL of the Club’s teams in a single package along with a Club Transmittal Form and a single check for payment of all teamsPlease make sure to read the bottom of the online application before you sign and submit your paperwork and fees. LSA cannot accept Registration Confirmation or Club Transmittal Forms submitted by fax. They must all be mailed to:   Louisiana Soccer Association, 475 Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70820.



Louisiana Open Cup

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