Hosting a Tournament

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One of the cornerstones of player development at all levels of youth soccer is tournament play. It provides an environment in which teams that might otherwise never play can compete against each other. To enhance these opportunities for player development and to help support fun and festive soccer events, LSA will assist tournament hosts across the state in marketing their tournaments throughout the Region and beyond. We want Louisiana to become a soccer destination and will work with all of our tournament hosts to bring new and exciting competition to their events.

LSA has streamlined the tournament approval and scheduling process. To host a youth soccer tournament in Louisiana, a member club must submit the following three (3) documents to LSA. If a member club wants to host more than one tournament, the documentation must be completed for each tournament.
All of these forms must be completed and submitted to LSA on or before the Mid-Year Meeting each January. The forms can either be submitted 
  • by email to, 
  • by fax at 225-766-0623, or
  • by mail to LSA, 475 Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70820


The Louisiana Club Tournament Schedule will be announced at the LSA Mid-Year Meeting in January. Clubs that fail to submit the required documentation prior to the deadline will still be able to request approval of a Tournament date. However, if LSA determines that the requested date poses a substantial conflict with a Tournament Request properly submitted, priority will be given to the member club that complied with this procedure.

The parameters of tournaments can change and LSA will permit Tournament Hosts to amend their Application to Host as the need may arise. 
To create the best tournament environment and to enhance player development across the state, LSA and our member clubs must be far more efficient in our tournament scheduling process. The goal is to leave the LSA Mid-Year Meeting with the Louisiana Club Tournament schedule finalized and all paperwork completed. Only then can LSA market Louisiana as a youth soccer destination it deserves to become.