Which Coaching Education Pathway Should I Choose?

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Some coaches are ambitious and want coaching to be an integral part of their lives. They want to stay on one educational path and get to their end point as quickly as possible. Their goal is to become a high school or college coach one day. For these few coaches, the US Soccer pathway may be advantageous as US Soccer licensure is, in some cases, more recognizable to high schools and colleges.
Other coaches don't aspire to coach at the high school or college level, but do want to coach a Classic or "competitive" team in the Louisiana Classic Soccer League ("LCSL").
Finally, most of our coaches are not concerned with coaching at a higher or more competitive level. They want to enjoy coaching their own kids and just want to be the best coach they can be. Because this group is by far the largest contingent of coaches in Louisiana, LSA's approach to coaching education must be as open and accommodating as possible. It is these coaches that will have the biggest impact on grass roots soccer across the state. 
To accommodate all 3 categories of coaches, LSA offers coaching education pathways from both US Soccer and United Soccer Coaches.  Further, LSA recognizes licensure from both organizations in its coaching education requirements. LSA simply wants coaches to seek education and finds value in both the US Soccer and the United Soccer Coaches pathways.


US Soccer Pathway           United Soccer Coaches Pathway 3

The coaching educational pathways are similar. The Grassroots Pathway offered by US Soccer provides very similar educational philosophies and methodologies as do the Development Pathway offered by United Soccer Coaches.  Which pathway is right for you is a matter of personal preference. Some coaches enjoy the curriculum, methodology and learning environment of one pathway over the other. Coaches should determine which pathway is more user-friendly to them individually. The goal is to learn at courses not to endure them.
Instructors for US Soccer Grassroots Courses must undergo expensive and time-consuming training at great expense to LSA. Therefore we have fewer Instructors available for US Soccer Grassroots courses than United Soccer Coaches Development courses. As such, LSA can be far more flexible in providing United Soccer Coaches' courses. 


Please contact LSA Technical Director, Bryan Thorp with any questions or guidance for mapping out the most productive coaching education pathway for you and your club.