US Soccer Grassroots Licenses

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All Grassroots Courses Are Now Available Online
The 4 v 4, 7 v 7, 9 v 9, and 11 v 11 Grassroots courses are now offered online through US Soccer. Although each course is available online, coaches must still take one online, and two in-person courses (one in-person course must be 11 v 11), in order to eligible for entrance in the US Soccer "D" course. For more information on the online courses, 
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US Soccer Digital Coaching Center
All coaches who register for any Coaching Education course must first register with US Soccer's Digital Coaching Center (DCC). The DCC not only enables US Soccer to centralize all course registrations across the country but also provides coaches with valuable resources. All coaches who intend to coach a competitive team in Louisiana are required to register in the DCC before they can be placed on the team roster. To access the DCC,
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Description of the US Soccer Grassroots Pathway

The Grassroots Pathway has been introduced as part of the overall U.S. Soccer Coaching Education structure to permit easy access and entry points. Four new Modules are offered in the Grassroots Pathway. Each of these Modules are designed specifically for a youth soccer format. Each format generally reflects the age of the players. The formats are
4 v. 4     7 v. 7     9 v. 9     11 v. 11
The new structure will allow a coach to enter the pathway in one of two separate ways:
  1. the candidate may take the Online (OL) course or
  2. take the In-Person (IP) course
The online and in-person courses will be treated as two separate licenses. For Example, the 4 v. 4 on-line course will be treated as a separate License as the 4 v. 4 in-person course.
The new in-person licenses to be offered by South Texas YSA are four (4) hours in length. Each IP course contains two hours in the classroom and two hours on the field. The highlight of the IP course is that it offers coaches the ability to have hands-on experience learning with an instructor and players in a realistic environment and promote best practices in coaching education.
Effect of New Pathway on License Requirements in Louisiana
LSA requires that anyone who wants to coach a team in the Louisiana Competitive Soccer League must possess a US Soccer E-License or the equivalent as determined by the LSA Technical Director (305.2.1). Until further notice, present E-Licenses will be honored without the need to take any of the US Soccer Grassroots Modules.
Going forward, an E-License shall be defined as successfully completing at least 2 in-person Grassroots Modules and 1 on-line Grassroots Module. One of the in-person Grassroots Modules must be the 11 v. 11 Module. 
A coach who possesses an F-License will be considered to have completed one on-line Module.