Louisiana Licensed Coaches

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Below you will find links to the list of U.S. Soccer National Licensed Coaches in Louisiana that are registered with the New U.S. Soccer Coaching Database in the Digital Coaching Center. To find out if what U.S. Soccer National License your Coach has just click on the links below.


U.S. Soccer National All License Coaches (Alphabetical) Click Here - Blue NB
U.S. Soccer National Youth License 
Click Here - Blue NB
U.S. Youth Soccer National Youth Certificate
Click Here - Blue NB
The Coaching License Links will be updated in February and September of each year.
If your License is not showing then you are not registered in the U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC). In order for your License to be part of the U.S. Soccer National Coaching Database please create your own account in the DCC and add your Licenses.
Please click on the link below to go to the DCC.
Click Here - Blue NB