Hosting a Coaching Education Course

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The future of the game relies on how well we educate our coaches at all levels of the game. LSA is committed to offering coaching education opportunities to all of our coaches and clubs. These opportunities start with our most important coaching resource, the recreational coach. US Soccer and the United Soccer Coaches provide two separate but parallel coaching education pathways and LSA offers both. The pathes are not mutually exclusive. A coach can take courses from one or both. Which path is followed is left to the club and the individual coaches. 
Comparing US Soccer and United Soccer Coaches Educational Pathways
Both U.S. Soccer and United Soccer Coaches ("USC") offer grassroots coach education and both clearly define the importance of “getting it right” for the youngest players. Many coaches in the USA who have engaged in formal education have enjoyed both U.S. Soccer and United Soccer Coaches programming. Equally, some coaches have found value and satisfaction in one or the other. Factors to consider when choosing the right ppath for you and the coaches in your Club.
  • Accessibility. While LSA offers both US Soccer and USC courses, USC courses are more readily available because US Soccer limits who can instruct their courses to A- and B-Licensed Coaches who have taken their instructors program. USC limits the corps of their instructors to coaches of advanced licensing, coaching experience and experience as a coaching educator.
  • Core Philosophy.  Some perceive a difference in organizational philosophies. USC places an emphasis on motivating coaches and being flexible in their approach whereas US Soccer courses are perceived as more rigid and content driven.
  • Vertical or Horizontal. US Soccer courses are designed to develop coaches in a vertical pathway from their Grassroots courses to their national licenses. For those interested in coaching at a very high level, the US Soccer pathway might be the logical choice. USC has a more horizontal approach to coaching education. coaches on this pathway want the important information they need to be comfortable and effective, but do not necessarily seek to ascend a coaching or career ladder.
?For the coach, club, or association assessing the formal coach education opportunities, the USA offers the greatest choice. U.S. Soccer, as the governing body of the sport in the U.S., is a leader in coach education. At the same time, member associations of U.S. Soccer, United Soccer Coaches, and the primary youth organizations have decades of experience and success in the development of contextual, relevant, accessible content that speaks to the unique needs of the U.S. coach.
LSA encourages each of our Clubs to adopt a coaching education pathway of its own. Each Club should provide opportunities for its coaches each year. 
To Request a Coaching Education Course in Your Club or Community
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Club Incentive
Any LSA Club that hosts Coaching Education Courses for more than 50 Candidates in any seasonal year shall receive a $100.00 gift certificate to Third Coast Soccer for any in-store or on-line purchase.
Coaching Education Courses in Louisiana are open to all LSA registered coaches.
Course participation may be subject to prerequisites
There will be a fee for each course. That fee is based on a per candidate cost to LSA.
All courses will require a safe and adequate field space, an indoor facility and a classroom..
Valerie Clouatre, Technical Department Manager