FIFA 11+ Warm-up Program

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The “FIFA 11+ Warm-up Program” is an injury prevention program that was developed by a group of internationally renowned experts for soccer players aged 14 or older. It is a complete warm-up package and should be used as a regular warm-up prior to training. In a scientific study of more than 2000 youth soccer players, it was shown that youth soccer teams using the “FIFA 11+” as their standard warm-up had 30-50% fewer injuries than teams that used more traditional warm-ups.

The FIFA 11+ warm-up is similar to ordinary dynamic stretches, but is scientifically designed to mimic and prepare athletes for the physical demands of the game. A key element to FIFA 11+ program (and to any other warm-up program) is using proper technique in each of the exercises. Players should focus on proper posture, body control, leg and hip alignments and proper landing technique.The Program consists of 15 exercises which should be performed in the specified order at the beginning of training. or before a game. There are 3 parts to FIFA 11+

Part 1: running exercises at a slow speed combined with active stretching and controlled partner contacts;
Part 2: 6 exercises, focusing on core and legs strength, balance, plyometrics and agility, each with 3 levels of difficulty;
Part 3: running exercises at moderate/high speed combined with planting/cutting movements.

FIFA 11+ Manual

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For Videos of the FIFA 11+ Exercises

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