US Soccer Coaching Education

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US Soccer 1 NB
U.S. Soccer provides a series of courses designed to give each coach the tools, guidance, and mentorship a coach requires needs to be successful regardless of the age or level of play of his or her players. Coaches start at the U.S. Soccer Learning Center ("LC"). The on-line LC platform allows a coach to create a personal profile, register for courses, communicate with technical staff, take online courses, create session plans, have access to an archive of U.S. Soccer training sessions and much more. The LC is used for all applications, registration, payment, assignments, communication and collaboration throughout any US Soccer Coaching Education course. To access the US Soccer Learning Center 
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US Soccer Grassroots Pathway

The Grassroots courses focus on U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players in specific game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11). The Modules are each designed for a specific age group-related youth soccer format. The formats are
4 v. 4     7 v. 7     9 v. 9     11 v. 11

Candidates may take an Online (OL) course or an In-Person (IP) course for each Module. The OL and IP courses will be treated as two separate licenses. For Example, the 4 v. 4 on-line course will be treated as a separate license as the 4 v. 4 in-person course.

Each IP course contains 2 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the field. The IP course offers hands-on learning with an instructor and players in a realistic environment and allows from an instructor on specific issues a coach may be facing with his or her team
The Courses
Duration:  Each in-person course shall run approximately 4 hours - 2 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the field. 
Cost:     The Cost of each US Soccer Grassroots Course is $75.00. This fee includes the $25.00 US Soccer LC registration fee. 
Course requirement:      In order to run an in-person course, there must be at least 12 
Coaching License Requirements in Louisiana
Anyone who wants to coach a team in the LCSL must have at least a US Soccer E-License, or a United Soccer Coaches or foreign equivalent, as determined by the LSA Technical Director. This requirement shall be satisfied by successfully completing at least 2 in-person US Soccer Grassroots Modules and 1 on-line US Soccer Grassroots Module. One of the in-person Grassroots Modules must be the 11 v. 11 Module.  A coach who possesses an F-License will be considered to have completed one on-line Module.  
US Soccer National "D" License    
This course is designed to develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 13 - 14 year old player and teams and to teach the cognitive characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Intermediate Stage of our Athlete Development Model.
Duration: 36 hours. The course is split into two (2) weekends (Friday-Sunday) with a minimum of 60 days between each weekend.
Prerequisites: Candidates must be 16 years or older and must hold a US Soccer “E” License for a minimum of 6 months. Candidates must also complete and pass pre-course material (emailed at course registration), pass an oral examination and practical examinations.
Cost: Instructional Phase - $200.00 & Performance Phase - $175.00 (Candidates have 12 Months to complete both weekends)
Course Requirement: 20 Candidates are needed to run a course