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Coaching U6 Players

Youth soccer coaches – especially those with Under-6 players – should asked to be teachers and sources of inspiration and encouragement.  Your personality is as important as your knowledge of the game. To make soccer an enjoyable and productive experience for young players, you be organized, have a vivid imagination, patience and a true understanding of the kids you coach. The mental, emotional and physical developmental stage of a 6-year old poses unique challenges and brings great rewards for a coach. They have far different cognitive abilities than even players just two years older.  Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 6 player.
  • Short attention span – directions should be simple and concise.
  • Most are individually-oriented – reality is what they can see and feel.
  • Little or no concern for team activities – Unable to see the world from another’s perspective.
  • Activities should be based on individual play.
  • Active imagination – be creative. Your activities should be stories.
  • Constantly in motion – enjoy playing, not watching. Everyone should have a ball at their feet.
  • Two speeds – All out or stopped.
  • Psychologically easily bruised. To them EFFORT = PERFORMANCE. They look for approval.
  • Physical and psychological development for boys and girls quite similar.
  • Physical coordination is undeveloped - Technique, technique, technique…
  • Unable to think in the abstract – the concept of space is a mystery.


Below are links to Sample Training Sessions designed specifically for the U6 Player.

US Youth Soccer

Massachusetts Youth Soccer

Under the guidance of Technical Director, Ian Mulliner, the full-time coaching staff of Massachusetts Youth Soccer publishes a series of youth soccer lesson plans each season. These lesson plans are the results of years of developing curricula and hundreds of hours of practical coaching experience. We are presenting these Lesson plans with the permission of Massachusetts Youth Soccer and with extreme gratitude for their dedication and commitment to teaching the game in a fun and safe environment.




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