Adult State Cup

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Louisiana Adult State Cup

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LSA was excited to bring you a new format for the Adult State Cup in 2014! It led to the most exciting State Cup playoff season ever. The same Adult State Cup Format will be observed in 2014-2015.


With the exception of the Coed Cup, all teams will play a minimum of two games – a home game and away game. In each round of play competitors will play twice – a home game for each team – to determine the winner who will move on to the next round. Coed Cup will be played over one weekend in one location as a 7v7 tournament.

An Aggregate Scoring System will be observed: All goals count one point. The first game may end in a tie. If the score is tied at the end of the second game there will be overtime and PKs if needed to determine a winner of the two-game round.

The finals weekend will have semi-finals on Saturday and finals on Sunday. Finals weekend location will be decided based on the teams playing in the Finals. LSA will secure the venue and officials for the Finals weekend. There will NOT be consolation games.

     1) Read the State Cup rules before entering your team in State Cup (LSA Policy 414).

     2) First rounds of games may be in March 2015 – you will be notified immediately following the draw on February 21 the date of your first game. Earlier games will be determined by the number of teams in a cup.

     3) A team may enter only one Cup competition per year (a team may not enter multiple cups – such as entering the Over 30 Cup and the Open Cup).

     4) All teams must have 2014 - 2015 USASA player passes or temporary passes.

     5) Team entry fee is $150 which covers all rounds of play.

The following is a guideline for choosing which cup your team should enter (see State Cup Rules for complete details):

Men’s Open Cup -- All men’s teams

Men’s Amateur Cup -- Men’s teams not playing in Open division

Men’s Over 30 Cup -- All Men’s Over 30’s teams

Women’s Cup -- All women’s teams

Co-ed Cup -- All co-ed teams (will play a one weekend, 7v7 format)

If you have a question about which Cup you should enter please contact the tournament director.

Travel (for all divisions except Coed Cup)

If you enter the state cup you will travel – it is a travel tournament. Drive times between cities will be determined using Google Maps. If the drive time for a team is in excess of 2 hours the visiting team may request a neutral site game. The request must be made within 24 hours of the visiting team being notified of their next round of play. The visiting team may be required to help cover costs incurred in acquiring a neutral site not to exceed $100.

Drive time to the neutral site may be in excess of 2 hours in the case of extreme distances (ie. a

Shreveport-New Orleans match). Neutral sites will be determined by the LSA VP-Adults and will be based on field and referee availability. However, teams will be responsible for securing the neutral field and officials at the neutral site.

If no more than two teams register in a division, then a best-of-three series will be conducted with each team having a home match and the third match (if necessary) played at a neutral location secured by LSA with officials secured by LSA.

Game Date/Day/Times

The default day/time for State Cup Games is Sunday at 1:00 pm. The “play by” date will be listed on the Cup bracket. Games may be played no later than the date listed on the bracket. By mutual agreement, teams may elect to play the game at an earlier date and other time. If the teams make such agreement, each team must notify the State Cup Tournament Director in writing of the agreement at least 10 days in advance of the game. Important: Any team not willing or able to travel up to 2 hours one way or participate at the default day and time of play should not enter the State Cup.

The Draw

The draw for all State Cup Competitions will be conducted on or about February 21, 2014 by the State Cup Committee/LSA office and teams will immediately be notified via email of the play dates.

Extreme travel distances will be avoided in the first round of play. Should a match result in extreme travel that match will be re-drawn. Matches between teams in the same league will also be avoided in the first round of play. The State Cup Committee will do its best to work with teams participating in other LSA-approved tournaments in regards to scheduling.

Game Dates

Depending on the number of teams in a cup, the earliest rounds of play could be March 8. All teams entering the State Cup must be prepared to play their first game on this date until otherwise notified.

The Finals weekend will have semi-finals on Saturday and finals on Sunday. Finals weekend location will be decided based on the teams playing in the Finals.


Email is the main line of communication for State Cup. Each team must provide an email address that will be checked regularly throughout the State Cup. Your team will receive email notifications regarding games and scheduling. Schedules and scores will be updated on the LSA (Got Soccer) website after each round of games.

Performance Bond

Applications will not be accepted without the $200 performance bond. Performance bonds will be returned to those teams meeting all responsibilities after the State Cup Finals.

Referee fees

Referee fees for all games in all rounds of the State Cup are $60 center, $40 lines. The total fees will be split between the teams. Participating teams are responsible for securing their own officials through the home team. LSA pays referee fees for final games only.

The Men’s Open Cup

The champion of the Men’s Open Cup will be presented the Open Cup trophy at the conclusion of the Final game. The champions' name and date of their championship win will be engraved on the base of the trophy. The trophy will reside with LSA.

A Champions plaque or trophy will also be presented to the winner of the Men’s Open Cup that will remain in possession of the team.

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