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Louisiana Soccer Association (“LSA”) is proud to administer and promote adult soccer across the state. We look to provide every adult interested in playing soccer with the opportunity to do so in a fun, positive and safe environment. LSA is a member of United States Adult Soccer Association, the only member of the US Soccer Adult Council, and is one of 54 USASA National State Associations. The leagues and programs LSA oversees strive to keep adults of all ages involved in the game at all levels of competition and to promote healthy lifestyles among its members. 


The primary component of affiliation with the USASA is the package of various types of insurance that are provided. General Liability protects members and USASA in the event they are sued for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.  Participant Accident Insurance protects members and referees that participate and work USASA sanctioned matches.  Directors and Officers coverage provides financial protection for the directors and officers in the event they are sued in conjunction with performing their duties.  These high limit policies provide excellent protection to the organization and go a long way to reduce out – of – pocket loss by USASA members.  

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