Tournament Travel Requirements

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US Youth Soccer has strict guidelines to govern teams that travel out of state to attend tournaments and to address when a team wants to play in a tournament that has not been sanctioned by US Youth Soccer. LSA and all of our affiliated clubs must adhere to these guidelines.
If the tournament to which your team wants to travel is in Louisiana and is an LSA-sanctioned tournament, your team is free to attend the tournament and use its LCSL roster and passcards.
If the tournament to which your team wants to travel is outside Louisiana, but is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament, all you need to do is fill out the Region III Interregional Travel Notice in GotSoccer.
  • Log-in to your Team Account.
  • Select "Events"
  • Select "Permission to Travel"
  • Select "eTravel - Search Events" (search for your tournament) OR, if your tournament is not listed there
  • Select "eTravel - Other Events" to search for your tournament.
  • Once you find your tournament, click on the "Request" button in the eTravel column to the right.
  • Hit "Submit Request"
Your team is free to use your LSA roster and passcards at any US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament.
If the tournament to which your team wants to travel is not a US Youth Soccer sanctioned event, whether in Louisiana or beyond, the US Youth Soccer Travel Policy prohibits your use of LSA passcards and rosters to register or enter the tournament.  To attend any such US Youth Soccer unsanctioned event, a team must 
     STEP 1:                Notification of Non-US Youth Soccer Travel.          This form must be submitted to the LSA Office by email to or by fax at 225-766-0623 on or before 9:00 AM on the Friday before the tournament commences.
NOTE: Because US Youth Soccer has no control over the administration, rules  or operation of a tournament it has not sanctioned, certain benefits of US Youth Soccer and of LSA, will not be available to your team. This may include insurance coverage.
     STEP 2                 Alternate Team Roster and Player Passcards.          US Youth Soccer Travel Policy prohibits teams participating in a non-US Youth Soccer sanctioned event from using either a US Youth Soccer roster or passcards. Teams traveling to such a tournament therefor must create an alternate roster and alternate passcards.
Alternate Roster – simply print out a copy of your official LSA roster, cut the block of players’ names from the roster, attach the block of names to the Alternate Roster Template and copy it.
Alternate Player Passcards – simply contact your club registrar and ask them to print out player pass cards on blank card stock. The procedure to do so is
1.           Login to GotSoccer Team Account
2.           On Home Page locate your “Home Association” under “Event Registration History”.
3.           Go to the “Roster” column and login to “Frozen Roster”.
4.           To print Alternate Player Passcards, use plain white card stock (not US Youth Soccer passcard stock) and go to “Cards Print”.
5.           To print an Alternate Player Passcard for a single player – go to “Print” next to the player’s name.
Your club registrar may also simply give you access to download your team's Player Passcards and you will be able to find them under "Documents" in your team's GotSoccer account.