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Risk Management

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To promote the welfare of youth players Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA) has adopted the US Youth Soccer KidSafe program. KidSafe is designed to identify all coaches, referees, administrators, volunteers and other persons that may have contact with our youth players. It is intended to identify all persons who have been convicted of crimes of violence or crimes against persons and to exclude them from participation in any US Youth Soccer sanctioned event. Further, it is the intent of LSA to exclude anyone convicted of any other violation of the law that we deem detrimental to the health and safety of our youth players.
To that end, each LSA member organization must appoint a Risk Management Director (RMD). The RMD is responsible for insuring that every club officer, coach, assistant coach, manager, referee, assistant referee, trainer and any volunteer who have regular contact with any players complete the LSA online risk management disclosure questionnaire every year. The LSA online risk management process is accomplished through GotSoccer, our registration platform provider.
To find out more about registration in GotSoccer and your background check go to:


In addition to facilitating criminal background checks on those individuals who wish to work with and around our young players, each organization's RMD shall develop and maintain relevant Risk Management Policy for his/her organization and communicate risk management information to their members as appropriate. Risk management policies may include, but are not limited to, the required background checks; severe weather safety guidelines; first aid guidelines; facilities (including goals and fields); proper use of social media and electronic communications; and tournament/travel.
For more on LSA Risk Management Policies please go to LSA Policy 502.
LSA takes the safety and well-being of each of our players extremely seriously and calls upon our membership for cooperation, diligence and understanding in our efforts to keep our kids safe.
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