Classic Team Tryouts

2020-21 Classic Team Tryout Process
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic across Louisiana, LSA is attempting to modify the Tryout Process for the 2020-21 LCSL seasonal year. There are 2 goals in mind. First, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to limit the number of players at tryouts if possible. Second, LSA wants to help Clubs in their administrative process so they can formulate teams faster and more efficiently. This will enable the bracketing and scheduling process for 2020-21 to be accomplished in a timely manner. Again, our overriding goal in how we have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic is to get back to normalcy as soon as we can. Organizing and starting the LCSL on time this fall is a key factor in accomplishing that goal.
Pre-Tryout Check-In
We are encouraging every Club to adopt a Pre-Tryout Check-in procedure for their tryouts and urging every player and their parents to utilize it. This would require players to simply sign up for a Club’s tryouts on-line BEFORE the tryouts. The purpose of this procedure is to avoid long lines at registration tables and an environment where social distancing is challenging. It will also allow Clubs to plan for each tryout session. If players simply show up for tryouts, Clubs may not have sufficient staffing, equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff and players. Please be aware that some Clubs may plan to REQUIRE Pre-Tryout Check-In before a player is allowed to participate.
Early Club Registration
LSA is also encouraging Clubs to establish an early registration procedure that allows RETURNING players to register for 2020-21 with their existing Club at any time prior to the Friday before the Tryout Period begins. As Tryouts will commence June 19th, a returning player may use the Early Club Registration process up until Monday, June 15th.  This may avoid the need for a player or, in certain circumstances, the bulk of a returning team, to avoid tryouts altogether.
  • A Club may require a deposit.
  • Early Club Registration is binding upon the player. If a player registers with their existing club early, the expectation must be that they are not considering a move to a different Club. If they are, they should not register early.
  • Early registration is not a guaranty that the player be accepted to the Club nor be placed on any specific team.
  • If the Club receives an Early Club Registration from a player who the Club will not be accepting for whatever reason (e.g. disbanding the team at the player’s age group), the Club must notify the player of its decision immediately and no later than Thursday, June 18th. The Club must also return any deposit. These players MUST be given the opportunity to participate in tryouts for other Clubs.
  • Nothing in this new process allows a Club to invite a player UNLESS and UNTIL that player has, on their own initiative, submitted an Early Club Registration. This process is entirely PLAYER driven, not CLUB driven.



A Club receives 27 Early Club Registrations from returning players. They believe tryouts will see another 10-15 players from other clubs and/or returning players that did not register early. The Club wants to put out 2 teams of 15 players each. The Club could invite 10 of the 27 early registrants immediately to the roster and invite the remaining 17 to attend tryouts. The Club must notify those 17 players that they have not been invited, but that they are free to try out for the Club any other club.

There is no requirement that a Club adopt this Early Club Registration procedure.  A Club may decide that each player must undergo some element of a tryout process. This early registration procedure is optional.
Tryout Schedule     
Pre-Tryout Check-In  Any time prior to Tryouts according to Club procedures
 Early Club Registration Now through Monday, June  22nd
Club Return of Early Registration On or Before Thursday, June 25th
 Tryout Period Begins    Friday, June 26th
Tryout Period Ends   Noon on Monday, July 3rd
Invitation Period Begins  Noon on Monday, July 3rd
Club Letters of Intent Due  Monday, July 20th
NOTICE: Any coach, team or Club that performs tryouts in any form prior to the beginning of Phase Three and the Tryout Process, shall be violating LSA Risk Management Policy as well as Improper Recruiting Policy and will be subject to disciplinary action.
LSA Policy 300.2 governs when member clubs may conduct tryouts for Classic teams. Any team assigning players on the basis of talent by the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process shall be considered a Classic team. Clubs are prohibited from advertising and/or conducting tryouts in order to form teams in age groups 10U and younger.  
Classic team tryouts for the following seasonal year can only be conducted by member clubs after the conclusion of all of the Louisiana state tournaments (e.g. The State Cup, Presidents Cup, Bob Abbott Cup) in which that age group shall compete.