Club Pass Players

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At its January 2019 LSA Mid-Year Meeting, LSA proposed to ease the Club Pass procedures for LCSL games in order to accomplish several positive goals. The change breaks down the barriers between teams and provides an incentive for players on lower teams to work to get up to the higher teams. It also helps Clubs deal with roster vacancies occasioned by last minute illnesses and injuries. Finally, it eliminates time consuming paperwork for both the Clubs and LSA. Please refer to Policy 211.2 (see: page 38 of the LSA Policy Manual) for all rules, procedures and restrictions in club passing.
Process of Club Passing a Player for LCSL Games
  • A club Registrar or Director shall notify LSA via email prior at any time prior to the game.
  • The Player Club Pass notification shall include the player’s identification number, name, date of birth, primary team (including age/gender and LCSL Division) and the team to which the player shall be club passed (including age/gender and LCSL Division).
  • The Player Club Pass notification shall also include the Game Number of the game for which the player is being club passed.
  • The time-stamp on the email shall be evidence that notice was given in a timely manner.
  • The player’s ID number, name and jersey number shall be written on the game roster.       
The processes for club passing players onto rosters for a Club Tournament and for club passing players on to Louisiana State Tournament and/or Regional tournament rosters remain unchanged. The forms for each process are linked below
These forms must be completed and submitted
  • For Club Tournaments on or before 5:00 PM of the Wednesday before the tournament.
  • For Louisiana State Tournaments on or before 5:00 PM of the Roster Freeze Date of the Player’s Club Pass (New) team.