Club Pass Players

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Process of Club Passing a Player for LCSL Games
  • A club Registrar or Director shall notify LSA via email prior at any time prior to the game.
  • The Player Club Pass notification shall include the player’s identification number, name, date of birth, primary team (including age/gender and LCSL Division) and the team to which the player shall be club passed (including age/gender and LCSL Division).
  • The Player Club Pass notification shall also include the Game Number of the game for which the player is being club passed.
  • The time-stamp on the email shall be evidence that notice was given in a timely manner.
  • The player’s ID number, name and jersey number shall be written on the game roster.       
The processes for club passing players onto rosters for a Club Tournament and for club passing players on to Louisiana State Tournament and/or Regional tournament rosters remain unchanged. The forms for each process are linked below
These forms must be completed and submitted
  • For Club Tournaments on or before 5:00 PM of the Wednesday before the tournament.
  • For Louisiana State Tournaments on or before 5:00 PM of the Roster Freeze Date of the Player’s Club Pass (New) team.