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Minutes of Meetings

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The Executive Committee of Louisiana Soccer Association meets at least four times during each seasonal year. Special Meetings of the Executive Committee can also be called either by the LSA President or by three (3) other voting members of the Executive Committee. The State Council, which is comprised of the Executive Committee and representatives from all of LSA's member organizations, meets twice each year. The Annual General Meeting is held in July or August and the Midyear Meeting is held in January or February. Both the Youth Council and the Adult Council meet at both the Annual General Meeting and the Midyear Meeting as well.
Below are links to the approved Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings as well as the State Council Meetings at both the Annual General Meeting and the Midyear Meeting.
September 15, 2013 Meeting
November 10, 2013 Meeting
January 11, 2014 Midyear Meeting
Annual General Meeting - July 19, 2013
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