LSA Elections

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Louisiana Soccer Association
Annual Elections
The officers of LSA are elected at the Annual General Meeting and will hold office for two (2) years. Terms begin on September 1st of the year elected. Any elected or appointed officer of LSA or its paid employees shall not hold an elected or paid position with an affiliated club or organization below the State Level unless elected to one of the Member-at-Large positions.
In accordance with LSA By-Law 7.6, any person seeking election to any of the Executive Committee positions must submit a Statement of Declaration to the LSA Executive Director at, no later than 30 days prior to the AGM. Names of the interested candidates will be distributed to the membership.  If no candidates have submitted their names, the membership will be notified no later than 25 days prior to the AGM. Only in the event that no candidate files for a position before the 30-day deadline will nominations be accepted from the floor at the AGM.
At the 2020 AGM, the following positions are up for election:
Vice President - Incumbent Chad Vidrinehas filed his Statement of Declaration to seek re-election        Treasurer - Incumbent Jeff Moyle
Youth Soccer Coordinator - Incumbent Dee Flint has filed his Statement of Declaration to seek re-election
Member-at-Large (Small Club) - This position shall be vacant as the incumbent has opted not to run for re-election. This position may be converted to the position of Secretary should the Amendment to LSA Bylaws pass.
Member-at-Large (Even) - Incumbent Matt Lambert-Cluderay has filed his Statement of Declaration to seek re-election.
Presently, the LSA Bylaws automatically appoint the Executive Director, a full-time paid position at LSA, the Secretary. The Secretary is a non-voting position. At the AGM a Bylaw Amendment will be proposed to convert one of the At-Large positions into the Secretary position. This will enable the LSA Membership to have more representation on the Executive Committee as it would then become an elected position and it would remove an operational employee from the Executive Committee.